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How long do the trips last?

We have trips trekking trips lasting from 1 to 7 days. See each trip description for particular trip information.

How big are the groups?

Our maximum group size is 15 guests plus guide & a Navigator. Our average group size is 3 people. The minimum group size is 2 guests, although private 1:1 trips can be arranged. Our usual trips are two couples or a couple and a single. If you have a larger private group, contact us to see how an appropriate trip can be planned.

What if I want to book as a single?
Try to choose a scheduled date, and if that doesn't fit, let us know. We can book you as a single & try to accommodate you with others. If there is no other booking during your tour Dates, we will take you hiking anyways, but, your tour cost might increase.

How hard are the trips? Am I fit enough?

Each trip is different, but, in Rajasthan, it is not very difficult or hardcore. For the information, we can call it moderate or Easy Hikes- Uphill, Downhill or Plain Terrain. We want you to go at your own pace, so that you get a chance to sink in & absorb the maximum.

How heavy does my pack need to be?

You will only need to carry your own personal clothing and gear: no tents, food or cooking supplies.

What do I need to bring for clothing and equipment?

On most trips all you need is your personal clothing and a good pair of hiking boots. On each trip page you find information on what is needed for that trip. We can usually supply everything you need in the way of sleeping bags and back packs if you are trying to keep the weight down for your international flights, if you let us know prior to your Trip. We will send you the hiring cost for the same.

What do we eat? I have a special diet, is this OK?

One thing we hear every trip is "the food was great! I never knew it was possible to eat so well on a wilderness trip." We put a lot of work into supplying you with a variety of healthy and tasty meals and snacks. From the fresh vegetables to coffee/tea, you will be impressed. Vegetarian or other preferred diets are not a problem. You can inform us of your diet preferences when you book.

Where do we meet? (For guests booking directly with us)

Usually we get together with you the starting point of the tour. It can either be your Hotel or a pre decided place discussed with you via e-mail or Telephonic conversation before your trip starts to answer any last minute questions, check your clothing and gear, and fill you in on the plans for the next day. If it is convenient, we meet well in advance, so you still have time to purchase any items highlighted at the gear check.

NOTE: For guests travelling through a Travel Agent, you will be duly informed by your Respective Travel Agent, as we will send all the details to them.

Where do we stay when we are on the trip?

Depending on the trip we use a mixture of camping and hotels. See the individual trip pages for more information. Camps have a kitchen tent and smaller private tents for sleeping. Sometimes we use privately owned farm lands or forest department premises to pitch our tents.

What are the camping premises like? Are they safe & secure?

Forest Department premises usually have common rooms , sometimes no electricity and Indian style toilets . The privately owned farm lands are remote and provide excellent shelter for our camping, no electricity & bush toilets. A thorough research is done by us and our team makes sure that all these areas are sound & safe before every tour. Our team will make sure that they know the premises owners personally or through some common contact in case of privately owned farmlands and in case of government premises, we make sure that all the required permissions are obtained as per the forest department “s norms.


What time of year do the trips run? Most of our trips run roughly September to April. We can run a private trek anytime for your party. For a better idea of what the Rajasthan seasons are like, check out our detailed information page on Rajasthan weather. The Treks inside the Restricted Forest Areas are closed during Monsoon: May to September. But, we do offer treks during this time in other accessible areas.

When do trips run?

Since the minimum group size is two people, if you are a group of two or more, you can book for whatever dates you like. If that date is taken we will see if we can give you the closest available date. You can either just book for your preferred start date (if the date requested is taken we will let you know the next available dates) or just email us and see what is available.

How much do trips cost?

See the individual trip descriptions depending upon the nature of accommodation.

What is included in the price?

All food and snacks, guiding, forest fees, hut/tent accommodation and camping Tents as well as associated Goods and Services Tax. Bottled Water is included where specified. See each trip description for particular trips.

How do I book a trip? How do I know if the dates I want are available?

You could check out our website and book for the dates you prefer via our on-line registration form. You could email us if you have questions. If the dates you want are not available we will immediately notify you of the nearest available dates.

How do I pay?

The easiest way to pay is on our secure bank account details. Please read our booking & cancellation policies on our website.

Transport and Travel information

Where are we located?

Rajasthan Trekking operates out of the beautiful town of Udaipur, often referred to as ‘Venice’ of east. Our prime area of working is around the Aravali ranges in south Rajasthan region. This includes places like Udaipur, Mount Abu, Ranakpur, Kumbhalgarh & Bundi(clickive links to know more). This Region has ample accommodation to suit all budget types and as well as all the facilities necessary to equip you for a hiking and walking holiday. Though we have programs for other places of tourist interest as well.

How do I get there?

The closest international airports to us are New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad & Jaipur . You can make an airplane connection to Udaipur from these cities. There are other modes of transport such as Trains & Buses operating on regular basis to Udaipur. Check with your travel agent.

Do I need a car?

Yes. Please check with your Travel Agent or your hotel let us know well in advance, preferably at the time of booking.

Can I leave my extra bags and valuables with you while we are in the hills?

Yes, you can trust our Team with this.


Hotels or Tents.

What ifs? What if the weather is bad?

Though the weather does not change drastically in Rajasthan, our experienced guides are well equipped to provide the best possible trip and have a good experience in judging the conditions. Travel in challenging weather is an adventure in itself but you will love Rajasthan in Winters . It is very rare for trips to be cancelled due to weather; in the unfortunate event that this happens, there is a 50% cancellation fee. (see our terms and conditions) Once a trip begins there are no refunds. Check our website weather link.

What if someone is injured?

Obviously every situation is different; in case of a serious accident the guide will notify our base by mobile phone and a rescue will be started usually by a car, at the nearest access point. . We recommend that you have travel insurance that will cover you in being repatriated to your home country. Kindly check the arrangements with your Travel Agent or your Insurance Company.

What about insurance?

Good travel insurance is essential. In addition to medical/accident cover we highly recommend purchasing travel cancellation insurance. In some instances, clients have injured themselves in totally unrelated accidents or had a family emergency which has meant that they have had to cancel their trips at short notice. Unfortunately, we have to follow our cancellation policy. A bad situation for everyone! But it's also one that can be avoided with relatively cheap travel insurance. You may have your own preferred travel insurer. If not, we recommend it strongly.

What if we do not fit in with the group ability wise?

This tends to be one of the major concerns of guests going on trips. However, in our experience, it is very rarely a problem. Due to our friendly team & carefully chosen areas of operation, we largely avoid compatibility issues. We are careful with building our trips and with our experience, we are proud of our record of providing quality trips.


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