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The Aravali range in north-western India is one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world (3200 billion years approx.). At present The Aravali range is only a reminiscent of the gigantic system that existed in the prehistoric times with several of its summits rising above the snow line and nourishing glaciers of stupendous magnitude which in turn fed many great glaciers. The Aravalis now flaunt a magnificent Semi-Dry Deciduous Forest.

Undulating hills of Aravali, supporting the dry deciduous forests, provide an unimaginable beautiful ambience. The area is characteristically rich in floral diversity- particularly medicinal plants. It has numerous floral and faunal species of global conservation significance. The rare flora comprises Kadaya (giving medicinal gum), Gugal, amla and Moosli etc. The predominant trees are- Khair, Salai, Modad, Dhavada, Khakhara, Timru. During late winters (February-March) Khakhara-the flame of the forests- known by many different names such as- Palash, Tesu, Kesudo, Dhak etc. is generally in bloom with its striking red color resembling flames in the forests. The rare animals include sloth bear, striped hyena, leopard, bluebull, porcupine, fox, small Indian civet, Indian pangolin and a number of reptiles including venomous and non-venomous snakes, monitor lizards, star tortoise etc. The rare birds of this area are adjutant Stork, spoonbill, osprey, white backed Vulture and black vultures. (See the bird checklist & animals & aviflora on our flora & fauna page).

It is in these very hills that we offer you customized trekking & hiking trips to unwind from the hustle bustle of your busy life in the cities & from your daily work routine & also, at the same time, take a sneak-peek into the rich culture, vegetation, animals, birds & tribes of Aravali range.

Significance: The forests of “The Aravalis” play an important role in conserving the depleting eco-system and in controlling the southward expansion of The Thar Desert. The forest areas, interspersed with numerous hills and hillocks form the watershed for many dams across the state. It also constitutes part of the catchment areas of life giving important Rivers & Rivulets. The ecological boundaries of Aravalis in Rajasthan State get amalgamated with forests of Haryana & Delhi States in the north ,and ,Spreads into agricultural fields all around providing ecological security and ameliorated environment to the semi arid region of Gujarat in the South & The expansive districts of Jaisalmer & Barmer to the west which is threatened by expanding desert.





  • Jaipur - Heritage Walk.

  • Shekhawati Heritage Walk.

  • Udaipur Heritage Walk.

  • Jodhpur Heritage Walk.

  • Bundi Heritage Walk.

  • Ranakpur - Kumbhalgarh Village Walk.

  • Mount Abu/Sirohi Village & Heritage Walk.


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