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If you are planning to take a hiking & a walking tour in India or just want to get some authentic-Indian outdoor experiences then you are making the right choice when you allow the team at Rajasthan Trekking to assist with your travel plans.

We offer the complete package. Not only will we provide guidance in choosing the right adventure we are then able to organize your accommodation and land transport throughout the country. We also offer you a number of day activities in key locations.

We are a small and passionate team who get real enjoyment out of matching you to the best possible experience whilst travelling in Rajasthan. We have a real passion that we love to share for active travel, wild places and their conservation. As avid hikers and walkers-"give everything a go" people we are able to use our own personal knowledge and experience to provide guidance on adventures which will ensure your travel expectations are exceeded. We will give you a culturally rich & a very diverse Walking & Hiking Experience.

As Indians, we know that we live in a culturally & spiritually rich country. Where else could you find excellent walking in such a wide variety of environments including forests, the remote deserts, The great social diversity and rugged mountain ranges (Aravalis & Vindhyachals in south Rajasthan)…….?



We believe that the best way to really experience an area is to pass through it on foot. Unlike the view obtained through the windows of a bus, a traveller on foot moves at a leisurely pace. There is time to smell the flowers, watch a native bird as it darts amongst the colourful wildflowers, stop and chat with local characters and marvel at nature’s majestic landscapes , admire the glorious history at its timeless Monuments. We have carefully chosen locations for our journeys on foot to feature the best of our land for you.



Our walking routes are not simply the shortest distance between two points. They take you to secluded, unspoiled places with few tourists, always beautiful, sometimes remote, usually peaceful, often in wilderness. Walking returns you to nature. There’s nothing quite like walking in the clean, fresh air to relax the body and mind and to get fine conversations going. We believe it is the very best, and often the only way, to experience some of these wonderful places.



At Rajasthan Trekking, we are committed to providing quality holidays that are excellent value for money, whether the price is high or low. Each trip has been thoroughly researched to ensure that high standards are met and maintained. Our program of regular review and our response to client feedback ensures that you will have a unique, enjoyable and highly memorable walking & hiking holiday.



Leave the logistics of your holiday to us. We’ll organise all the accommodation, meals, transport etc. in advance, saving you time and ensuring that you’ll experience the best an area has to offer.



  • We offer walking & hiking holidays to destinations that we personally love.

  • Each meticulously planned itinerary has been thoroughly researched to ensure that our high standards are met.

  • We organise all the logistics of your holiday, saving you time and ensuring that you experience the best each area has to offer.

  • we know the best walking routes and how to help you discover more of an area than you could on your own.

  • We know the best places to stay and which ones to avoid.

  • Rajasthan Trekking guides are locals & experienced professionals – and they are fun people to spend your holiday with.

  • We pay attention to even the smallest of details to make sure your trip runs smoothly.

  • We have a program of regular review so you can be assured that walk notes and other details are as accurate as possible.

  • We respond to feedback and immediately investigate any complaints.

  • We never compromise on quality in order to sell on price.

  • We are committed to ecologically responsible, low impact tourism that benefits the local communities we are travelling through.


You’ll be bound to enjoy our comfortable accommodations at the end of a day’s hiking. Some of our properties are in towns, some in villages and some in the bush. With such a wide range of walking/hiking holidays and locations, our accommodation and facilities will vary, adding interest to your trip. We know that a good sleep is most important so you can head out the door feeling refreshed and ready for another day’s adventure. En-suite bathrooms are the norm for Hotels but while at tented accommodation, using common toilets or bush is are the only options . Also, walking builds up a healthy appetite so you’ll enjoy our hearty meals-cooked at The hotel’s kitchen & at our camping's, they’ll be cooked by our Rajasthan Trekking Team Members .

Your safety is our priority. We have 'hand-picked' specialist guides from within the local community & tourism industry, placing much importance on their qualifications, knowledge, experience and communication skills. Our trekking guides come from a diverse background. They are well versed with local languages & dialects which helps them gel with the natives & in turn , allow you to strike a conversation with ease & feel comfortable around the our people who are not used to seeing many tourists.


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